Institutional Strength

  • Availability of separate library for each PG department.
  • Useful and student-oriented PG courses .
  • Quiet and peaceful location, campus stretching over 8 acres of land.
  • Learned and qualified faculty members.
  • Students from rural areas are studying in the college.
  • The students are laborious and try hard for self-development.
  • Dynamic work force, practical teaching-learning emphasized.
  • Students from heterogeneous backgrounds.
  •  Enrollment of students in PG program from surrounding 30 km area.
  • Separate girl’s common room.
  • No ragging, no tobacco, no women harassment cases registered till today.
  • Energetic leadership, Active student Union, Active alumni.
  • Weaker section students are provided scholarship by the government.
  • Reservation in admission is given as per govt. rule to SC, ST , OBC and physically disabled.
  • Transparency in admission.
  • Besides government schemes, Scholarship is provided to students of backward classes by NMDC
  • High percentage of students passing out.
  • Successfully running all PG program with more than 90 percent results.
  • Many magazines, employment news and newspapers are available in library.
Institutional Weakness

  • Lectures by resource persons from outside can hardly be organized due to the paucity of budget.
  • Lack of sufficient research material and research journals in PG level.
  • Teacher-student ratio is very poor.
  • The sanctioned post of “Professor” is vacant from the opening date of M.A. in Political Science and
  • M.Sc. in Mathematics.
  • There are no facilities for staff quarters and guest houses.
  •  Lack of job oriented course in our college.
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  • Inadequate research facilities in terms of library and laboratory.
  • Very poor school level education of students which results in improper understanding of classroom
  • lectures.
  • Lack of classroom for further extension of department.
  • Lack of funding, research facilities and technical education which is a demerit for our institution.
  • Lack of promotion of research work to staff members.
  • UG lab is not sufficient. The practical classes are done batch-wise.
  • Lack of teachers for the self-financing course, e.g., M.Sc.-Botany, Chemistry, Zoology,
  • Most of the Students come from rural area and strenuous socio-economic background, and as a result,
  • home-environment for education is not up to the mark.
Institutional Opportunity

  • Our college is situated approximately 150 km. away from the famous iron ore mines corporation
  • N.M.D.C. The corporation provides job opportunities to local people.
  • Job oriented subject e.g., M.Sc. [Chemistry, Zoology and Botany] are running in this rural area.
  • Only P.G. College in the locality.
  • Our college is situated in a tribal area and therefore gets special care from the government.
  • Very rich area for the researchers especially in the stream of Biology, Botany and Chemistry.
  • Huge possibilities are there for the research work in Botany and Zoology departments due to its
  • proximity to the zone of Indr?vati tiger reserve national park.
  • College administration, students and teachers are working hard for the betterment of each department.
  • The college falls under intense agriculture zone. So, student’s orientation towards agriculture is
  • obvious.
  • Students are getting jobs after completing their PG.
  • Making students efficient for various competitive examinations.
Institutional Challenge

1. Lack of proper transport facilities for students coming from far-flung villages.
2. Improvement of quality education.
3. Post creation of teaching as per needs.
4. To cover-up student’s basic (school) level mathematics.
5. To increase the number of students-enrollment in the college as the enrollment of students in U.G. courses is not satisfactory.
6.Less interest for formal education.
7.It is a challenge to provide the facilities like urban college in this rural college.Page 4/79 08-05-2022 06:34:26
8. Insufficient grants to maintain its infrastructure.
9. Lack of teaching staff in different faculties which leads to unsatisfactory results.
10.Lack of basic facility e.g. staff quarter, sufficient transportation and weak network. Due to these problems, quality teaching faculty may show unwillingness to stay in this college.
11.Weak social structure leading to lack of thinking about higher education in youths.
12.It is Hindi belt, so it is very tough for the student to cover-up the higher-studies through English medium.
13.Improvement of the quality of education.
14.Developing economic awareness.
15.Motivating to make carrier in bank, army, navy, railway and other financial sectors.