The department of English in Late Shri Jaidev Sathpathi Govt. College Basana was  establishment of collage. Graduation level classes (B.Sc., B.Com and B.A.) are being conducted in English Department. The main aim of the English department is to develop anguage Skill.

The department of English has been extending greater contribution to the college in the area of English Language learning initiative with latest teaching methodologies and other student-centered learning activities for the over-all development of the learners.

Course Offered: UG Level – B.Sc., B.A. and B.Com

Syllabus -  B.Sc.I/B.A.I/B.Com.I  B.Sc.II/B.A.II/B.Com.II    B.Sc.III/B.A.III/B.Com.III

Course Structure:

B.Sc.,B.A. & B.Com. First Year:                       Syllabus -  B.Sc.I/B.A.I/B.Com.I

UNIT-1 Basic Language skills : Grammarand Usage. UNIT-2 Comprehension of an   unseen passage. UNIT-3 Composition. UNIT-4 Letter writing. UNIT-5 Texts :
B.Sc.,B.A. & B.Com. Second Year:                   Syllabus -  B.Sc.II/B.A.II/B.Com.II

UNIT-I Short answer questions to be assed. UNIT-II (a) Reading comprehension of an unseen passage (b) Vocabulary. UNIT-III Report-Writing. UNIT-IV Expansion of an idea.    UNIT-V Grammar and Vocabulary based on the prescribed text book.
B.Sc.,B.A. & B.Com. Third Year:                       Syllabus -  B.Sc.III/B.A.III/B.Com.III

UNIT-I Essay type answer in about 200 words. 5 essay type question to be asked    three to be attempted. UNIT-II Essay writing. UNIT-III Precis writing. UNIT-IV  (a) Reading comprehension of an unseen passage (b) Vocabulary based on text. UNIT-V Grammar Advanced Exercises